ACES History Project

To help celebrate New Mexico's Centennial, ACES welcomes you to explore and help identify long forgotten historical photographs from more than 100 years of our college's service to the citizens of New Mexico in the areas of Extension, research and teaching.

While these fascinating photos highlight profound differences in technology, fashion, and hair styles of the past, the most important features of our service to the state have never changed. Our college continues to place its highest priority on meeting the needs of our clientele - whether our learners are 10-year-old 4-H members, college students in our classrooms, or businessmen and citizens applying our research to improves their day-to-day lives.

You can participate in this history project!

Each photo has a comments section where you can share stories, remembrances, or insights related to the programs and people these photos represent. In addition, if you have photos from the history of this college{s} that you would like to share, email the ACES webmaster to make arrangements for uploading them to the archives.

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The Writings of Orren Beaty

Orren Beaty, New Mexico Cooperative Extension agent from 1916-1934, chronicled changes in agricultural practices in his journals. Visit The Writings of Orren Beaty to view photographs and read selected journal entries from his experiences as an agricultural agent in Lea and Roosevelt counties.